Journaling For The Soul

 I have never been one to journal, until now.  It excites me a bit to think I can spill all of my silly and delusional thoughts onto paper instead of them blocking my awareness of life.

Journal writing is a powerful tool for therapy, an excellent method for self-examination and reflection especially for spiritual direction or development of self-esteem and better self-image.  Journal writing allows for sharper clearer memories and for a new sense of direction and purpose.

My reason for starting, is the spiritual growth.  To make myself more aware and present.  It goes towards an old idea that living the unexamined life may not be living at all.  It is far better to be aware and growing.

Happy journaling!


One thought on “Journaling For The Soul

  1. Really – this is your journal? Gorgeous. And wonderful, spot-on quote on the right page. Have you ever heard of The Artist’s Way (Julia Cameron)? It popped into my head as I was reading this. Have a great time with the Opening that journaling will bring!

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