Summer Solstice

  My favorite time of year has arrived in Santa Barbara, Summer Solstice!  The Santa Barbara Summer Solstice parade began in 1974, as a birthday celebration for a popular artist and mime, Michael Gonzalez.  The parade grew into a gathering of over 100,000 spectators from around the world.  The soiree originally had started at the Sunken Gardens and now has moved to Alameda Park. Come out and play this weekend.  There will be over 75 different vendors, music and even a drum circle, for anyone who wants to participate.

 Alameda Park, Santa Barbara

June 22, 4-9

June 23, 12-7

June 24, 12-5


2 thoughts on “Summer Solstice

  1. This looks like such good fun! I’m studying at UCSB next year as an exchange student from England, and I sure hope to make it to this in 2013! We just don’t get these kind of festivals across the Pond haha!! Our summers are too unreliable and rainy… the phrase “rain on your parade” would be too easily applied!

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