Wearing Your Intention: Mala Beads

Mala beads are traditionally used for japa meditation-reciting a positive affirmation or mantra along each bead to come into a more calming, connected and spiritual state.

There is something powerful about wearing your intention.  It makes your goal tangible at every moment of the day.  Every time you look at your Mala or feel it, you are reminded to stay on your chosen path.

Choosing your intention:  What do you want to create in your life?  What are you working on?  What do you want?  What are you struggling with?  Ask yourself these questions and see if they guide you to what you want to create as your intention.

Mala Beads are wonderful to have in your hand while you do your meditation.  Remember, sometimes our minds are like a crazy child and are hard to quiet, so holding on to your Mala can help to bring you centered.

Happy Meditation!

ps I ordered my Mala beads from Tiny Devotions


One thought on “Wearing Your Intention: Mala Beads

  1. I just recently wrote a blog post on intention but never thought about the idea of wearing my intention, even though I have some prayer beads. What an excellent idea for making those intentions more powerful. I will definitely try this! It reminds me of the old-fashioned trick of wearing a string around your finger… 🙂

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