Happy Feet

 Barefoot Living:

I have this weird thing about feet.  I always feel better when I’m barefoot.  I feel more connected to nature, and to the world in general.  Strange to some, probably.

Shoes, yes support your ankles or toes but they also restrict the natural range of motion, which means over time your ankles and feet will get progressively weaker.  Your feet will become less independent and not be able to protect themselves from injury, and more dependant on the shoes to prevent a sprained ankle or any other foot injury.

Also, you have to remember shoes are tested on machines not people, because machines give the results the company wants and people don’t.

Going natural is best.  There’s nothing like walking on sand or grass in your bare feet.  Seriously, the more you can enjoy nature, the better for your well-being.

Happy Feet!!!


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