Santa Barbara, In The Fall…

We have been praying for cool, Fall weather  around here.  I know it sounds silly, but it’s true.  Santa Barbara is usually  sunny and 70.  Although, lately it has been much warmer.  As some of you may  know, most of us do not have air-conditioning.  Santa Barbara usually has the  so-called “perfect weather”, but this year it’s been off.  My husband likes to  say it’s “global warming”, I say “it’s just hot, and I’m over it”.
I left  to go to Arizona for a few days for a girls trip and returned to what I say is  “the perfect weather”.  Cloudy, drizzly, and cool.  Nice!  Finally!
Today  while out and about I shot a few photos of Santa Barbara showing more signs of  Fall.
Thank God!
(My inner Midwestern girl is coming out, and I’m missing  my four seasons)


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