A Nice Outing

  The husband and I are pretty much homebodies, but occasionally we venture out.  We have certain things that we do and we sort of stick to that pattern.  We have always done date night, which I think is very important in a marriage.  One of our first dates was eating pho soup.  A good friend of mine from the old days introduced me to pho years ago, and I have loved it ever since.  So when the husband (at the time boyfriend) asked if I liked pho, almost immediately I knew I found a good partner. (I’m being silly, it wasn’t just pho.  Haha).  So that was the beginning of our pho dates.  If you don’t know, pho soup is a Vietnamese dish consisting of broth, noodles made from rice, a few herbs, and meat.  And it’s amazing!  Sometimes on our dates we have friends join.  Last night we brought our good friend Stephanie along.  She had never tried pho, and I think we got her hooked.  After we decided to try a little gelato place we saw on our walk to dinner.  Yum, Yum, Yum, is all I can say.  If you’re local (Santa Barbara), try Spoon, it will not disappoint.


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