Whimsical Wednesday

The other day we decided to head up north about 45 minutes and find the sun.  When you live on the coast, some days you get fogged in.  But if you go a little higher than sea level you can get above it.  And BOOM we found the sun, at 80 degrees.  We ventured up the 154 and made a bunch of stops along the way.  One of the most peaceful and serene places was Lake Cachuma. Lake Cachuma is surrounded by the Santa Ynez and San Rafael Mountains.  You can rent cabins or yurts, right on the lake.  AH-MAZING!

Our next step was Trattoria Grappolo.  Great Italian place, recommended by a friend and well worth the stop. Last place I expected to find a true Italian restaurant, but it was good and one the owners is actually from Italy.

Last stop was Los Olivos, to finally get my hands on one of Enjoy Cupcakes famous cupcakes.  Well….it was a no-go.  Finally reaching our destination and seeing her super sweet trailer (which you can see below), we found out they are only there Thursdays-Sundays. Boo.

What A great day, all with my best friend.

Happy Friday!


Weekend Fun!

   This weekend we celebrated the 8th birthday of a dear friend.  She celebrated eight years of being happy, joyous and free.  Such a neat experience to watch someone grow into something so spiritual.  Who ever knew that believing in a Higher Power, would lead to such a satisfying life. God is good!  The day was perfect.  The weather was gorgeous, and the company was fun!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

Weekend Shenanigans

  Every weekend we try to do something fun.  It’s hard because the husband works and I want to go straight into sloth mode because I have been working all week.  But, we manage.  This past weekend we took a lovely drive to our favorite organic farm.  Then we decided to check out Nojoqui Falls, which is up the same road as the farm.  Nojoqui Falls is a natural spring that drops nearly 100 feet over a sandstone wall.  The hike up there is easy and gorgeous.  Even if you’re not a hiker you can do it.  On the way home we pulled off the 101 and captured some amazing photos of the beautiful sunset.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

The True Alchemist

 Lotus Wei was created by Katie Hess through her quest to help people experience more happiness and accelerate personal growth.  In her search, she studied many different kinds of natural medicine and discovered flower essences, and the powerful affect they have on emotions, attitudes, and life situations.  Realizing the power of this significant agent of change, she trained internationally with a top flower essence practitioner, and was soon combining remedies for people.  At this time she also met several meditation masters from the Far East and committed herself to daily meditation practice, which deepened her understanding of nature, flower essences and life in general.  Katie decided to create a line of elixirs consisting of combinations of several flower essences, all organic.

I have tried Joy Juice, Infinite Love and Quiet Mind.  I love them all!  You may use the elixirs as perfume, toner or even on your pillow at night. (Quiet Mind is great for that)

Lotus Wei is nourishing for the mind, body and soul.


Wearing Your Intention: Mala Beads

Mala beads are traditionally used for japa meditation-reciting a positive affirmation or mantra along each bead to come into a more calming, connected and spiritual state.

There is something powerful about wearing your intention.  It makes your goal tangible at every moment of the day.  Every time you look at your Mala or feel it, you are reminded to stay on your chosen path.

Choosing your intention:  What do you want to create in your life?  What are you working on?  What do you want?  What are you struggling with?  Ask yourself these questions and see if they guide you to what you want to create as your intention.

Mala Beads are wonderful to have in your hand while you do your meditation.  Remember, sometimes our minds are like a crazy child and are hard to quiet, so holding on to your Mala can help to bring you centered.

Happy Meditation!

ps I ordered my Mala beads from Tiny Devotions

Zen Delivered To Your Door Step

 I recently stumbled upon an interesting website called Yuzen.  The company explains about the creation of Yuzen and the encouraged reconnection with that quiet, wise place inside of all of us.  (had me sold at that)

Basically what Yuzen does, is send you a box filled with zen products, that they have researched extensively, once a month for $26.  You may cancel anytime.

I’ve signed up! I’ll keep you posted when I receive my first box.

So excited!!!

Stay Zen

Journaling For The Soul

 I have never been one to journal, until now.  It excites me a bit to think I can spill all of my silly and delusional thoughts onto paper instead of them blocking my awareness of life.

Journal writing is a powerful tool for therapy, an excellent method for self-examination and reflection especially for spiritual direction or development of self-esteem and better self-image.  Journal writing allows for sharper clearer memories and for a new sense of direction and purpose.

My reason for starting, is the spiritual growth.  To make myself more aware and present.  It goes towards an old idea that living the unexamined life may not be living at all.  It is far better to be aware and growing.

Happy journaling!