The last Of Mexico (I Promise)

This is the last of our Mexico pictures.  My parents are still down there, and I wish we were too.  What a wonderful break it was, in the midst of complete chaos.  Thanks to everyone who sent good vibes our way and PLEASE keep them coming.

Happy Monday!

More pics here, here, and here.

Back To The Grind

So sad our vacation is over…

Back to work we go.  It has been a bit chilly in Santa Barbara these last few days home.  Brrrr!

We had such a great time with the folks.  We could not ask for better parents, on both sides.  We laid out, read books, and ate some amazing meals.  Now, back to reality.

On a side note…please keep the mister and I in your prayers, as we are about to endeavor on a few new challenges.  We know God will have our backs, but a little extra prayer never hurts.


Up Up And Away!

We are still in Mexico, and enjoying every moment of it.  The husband decided to go parasailing the other day, and I about freaked out.  I asked him if all of our life insurance was up to date.  (half kidding, half not).  It was pretty spectacular to watch him fly.  I stayed on the ground and watched.

I also snapped a few pictures of the locals, who never cease to amaze me.  Always so happy and joyful.  (maybe it’s the cerveza).  And the water, who could ever say that they don’t like the ocean, the sound, the feel, the beauty, I love it all! I also love tacos.

ps, husband took a camera up in the sky with him, so the aerial views are amazing.  And we snuck a quick photo of mom and dad.


When Life Is About To Get Busy, Run Off To Mexico.

  We decided to run off to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for a week.  The husband and I have a jam-packed schedule in the coming months.  Our life is so full right now, I didn’t even know it could get this good.  So, before all the craziness happens we needed a little r&r.  By the way, someone told me to try the coca cola down here, even though I don’t drink soda, and I did, and it was exceptionally good.  Must be the syrup.  I don’t know,  just try it if you get here.

Relaxing Trip To Arizona

 I spent last week and weekend in Arizona.  I went to Phoenix and Scottsdale to
meet up with one of my best friends.  We did absolutely nothing but relax and
eat (I think I gained 10 pounds).  We lounged by the pool, until the weather
decided to turn chilly on Saturday, which was actually fine by me.  We have had
such warm weather in Santa Barbara, that it was nice to have the feeling of Fall
around. We also had some delicious food, followed by dessert, at every meal.  It
was just wonderful to see my girlfriend, and also very kind of her parents for
letting us use their home.
Some of the yummy restaurants we visited were:

I suggest trying them all.  They were amazing!
Thanks Andrea and Family for a great weekend!!!

Happy Friday, From Arizona

Happy Friday, from the desert.  I’m on a fun girls trip, in Arizona.  We are
sunning, eating, and shopping.  Life couldn’t be much better.
Hope y’all
have a wonderful weekend!

A Trip To The Desert


The husband and I decided to go on a little getaway for our one year
anniversary.  We went to Palm Springs.  What a fun adventure it was.  We stayed
at La Quinta Resort and
.  The grounds are gorgeous and the staff was amazing.  We did lots of
lounging by the beautiful pool.
I have always wanted to check out Joshua Tree
(the inner-hippie in me).  We decided to take one day and go explore the “ghost
town”.  We stopped as soon as we arrived in Joshua Tree, to grab some food, at a
really great place called Crossroads Cafe.  The small cafe reminded me of a struggling
musician hangout, with really chill folks.  The food was delicious.  lots of
vegan items and smoothies, along with some yummy sandwiches.  After exiting the
cafe we drove 1/2 a block to the entrance of Joshua Tree National
.  Wow!  The most amazing place I have ever been.  We drove 12 miles and
reached 5600ft, to see the most beautiful view.  I suggest checking this place
out.  You will not be disappointed.  After gawking for a good hour, we headed
back to Palm Springs to relax some more before going home.
This was the
perfect little getaway.  Thank you, husband.
PS Palm Springs had a Target and
Homegoods store, which I had to stop at, because as you know (or may not know),
Santa Barbara has neither.