Somewhere between here and there…

Somewhere between here and there...


Jane Norman studded handbag
$29 –

Bangle bracelet
$24 –

Leather jewelry

Mimco red lip makeup
$26 –

Food For The Skin

 I couldn’t pass up sharing about this wonderful product I was introduced to the
other day.  It’s a line of all natural beauty care, called Natura Culina.  The brain behind
this phenomenal product is Lenka Tinka.  She has developed products for the skin
that are all natural and made right here in Santa Barbara.
Lenka grew up in
the Czech Republic, outside of Carlsbad, one of Europe’s natural spa cities.
She was able to come to the United States and experience her passion.  I had the
pleasure of meeting her, and what a beauty she is.
Lenka gave me a
beautiful gift basket, to try some of her products, and I’m hooked.  The scents
alone attracted me.  Natura Culina has absolutely no parabens, sulfates,
artificial colors or synthetic emulsifiers.
You can go online to purchase
the products at or if you’re in Santa Barbara,
1131 Coast Village Road
Montecito, CA
(805) 695-0625
Also, Natura
Culina is “giving back”.  Part of the proceeds go to American Cancer
I promise you that you will not be disappointed by these amazing
(Pictures courtesy of Natura Culina)

Botanical Skin Care

 Experience botanical skin care created from the byproduct of wine and fresh, organic ingredients.  Often discarded after a vinegar crushes grapes, the red wine seeds and skins left behind are concentrated with the potent antioxidant resveratrol.  These lucky grapeseeds get a second life as the star ingredient in natural, effective, anti-aging skin and body care.

I’m a fan!

I highly recommend:

The Grapeseed Company


201 W Carrillo

Santa Barbara, CA

online @

Super by Dr. Perricone

 I have to share my latest obsession…

Super by Dr. Perricone.  This is one of the best beauty products I have ever used.  All of the products are made with one of the superfoods.

Acai for anti-aging

Watercress to whisk away toxins

Coconut for quenching the skin

Chia for mega moisture

Turmeric to save your skin from the sun

Ginger for a beautiful glow

Melon to bring out the brightness in your skin

Apple to control clarity

Olive to smooth the skin

Yogurt to smooth sensitive skin


Chili to radiate sexy skin

I cannot even tell you how much of a fan I am.  I love the product and have noticed an incredible difference in my skin.