Earth Day 2012

 “Mobilize” was the theme of this years Earth Day.  This year marks the 42nd year Santa Barbara has held an Earth Day festival.

Santa Barbara created one of the first Earth Day festivals in the nation, back in 1970.  This year’s festival was divided into seven earth-friendly sections:  featuring a kid’s corner, an eco marketplace, and even a beer and wine garden.  Another section was the bike zone, where bikers had a place to park their bikes.  The green car show, which featured 50 of the latest earth-friendly cars.  The last section was a learning section for being more energy-efficient.  Using reuseable bags, getting LED light bulbs or even using a water filtration system instead of water bottles.

My husband and I went on Saturday and cruised around, enjoyed some music and bought a couple of items to support the locals.  I decided to go back on Sunday with our friends.  The vibe is so great at festivals, especially Earth Day, that I wanted to soak up as much time at the park that I could.  I posted some pictures below of the super-earthy day.



Beer and wine gardenKids rolling around a mobile EarthDave and I exhausted after a full dayThree of our best friendsHand weaved basket from a local artist

Earth Day

Earth Day is right around the corner.  Remember to come out and support your local grounds.

Festivities start on April 21 at 11 am and go through 7pm and April 22 11-6pm.

Alameda Park

Santa Barbara, CA