Weekend Fun!

I Madonnari was this past weekend, as I posted about earlier in the week.  The artists were amazing.  We have posted some pictures from the festival and the yummy food we indulged in.  Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!



Cherishing Today

 I try to live in the present everyday.  I try to remember that every day is a gift.  The place I live, the food I eat, and the people I know and love.  This post is a rambling of how important it is, not to take ANYTHING for granted.  My husband and I have a really great sang in our home that reminds us every day how important everyone in our lives are, no matter where they have been, what they have been through and who they will become tomorrow, they will always be our friends.  This weekend, being Memorial Day, we have spent a lot of time with different people, and it’s nice to reflect on everything God has given to us.

A Friend Is One That Knows You As You Are,

Understands Where You Have Been,

 Accepts What You Have,

 And Still Allows You To Grow.

Below are some pictures of our friends, that we are so grateful for.