What We Do

 The husband and I love shopping for our produce and veggies at our local  farmer’s market.  In Santa Barbara we have them on Tuesday and Saturday.  It  really is the best place to get all of your fruits and veggies.  Everything is  grown locally and much of it is organic.  We try to eat fairly healthy in our  household, not that it always works that way, but we give it a good effort.  So go grab some local produce and chow down.
 And support your local farms!

A Gift

 Every month we get a little something special in our mailbox.  It’s from a company called Yuzen.  We get an array of organic products for $26.  We love it!  I have been researching more of these fun little boxes, and considering that you can cancel after one month, I thought I may try some others.  There are so many different types.  You can get one just for the kids, just for mommy, or for the whole family.  Below are some that look pretty exciting.

Yuzen: Yuzen.is

Birch Box: birchbox.com

Citrus Lane: citruslane.com

Little Peanuts: littlepnuts.com

Crave Box: cravebox.com

Green Grab Bag: greengrabbag.com

Conscious Box: consciousbox.com

Organic Roadtrip

  Yesterday the husband and I decided to
go on a little adventure.  A friend of ours (thank you, Linda), had told us
about an organic farm, where you go and pick your own fruits and vegetables, and
just leave your money in the slot.  They work on an honor system.  So we set
We pulled in after driving up the 101 North for about 35 minutes and
it was amazing.  A huge barn with a classic peace sign was there to great us.
After taking a walk through, just to see what this place was about, we started
our pickin.  We left with so many bags and only spent $20.  And yes we were
honest.  I posted some pictures and got a bit carried away because I was having
such a great time.  I felt like I was back in Nebraska.  (Sometimes I really do
miss you, Nebraska).

Directions from Santa
Take the 101 North, to the “Nojoqui Park” sign, take that
turn off, which is Old Coast Hwy. (40 miles from SB)
2330 Old Coast
Gaviota, CA 93117
Owner is Helmut Klauer
If you keep driving on that road you will see a trail.  You can get out, hike
the trail and will end up a beautiful waterfall (Nojoqui waterfall), which is a
natural spring.

Zero Sugar Cookies

We all like cookies, what we don’t like are the calories.  Here you have it, a new cookie to eat and not feel guilty.  Zero Cookies, by Julian Bakery.

Gluten free, no starch or sugar, not sweetened with maltitol, xylitol or sorbitol.  made with heart healthy fiber, good for digestion and helps satisfy hunger cravings.

You can purchase this delightful little treat at Whole Foods or Lazy Acres.