Weekend Shenanigans

  Every weekend we try to do something fun.  It’s hard because the husband works and I want to go straight into sloth mode because I have been working all week.  But, we manage.  This past weekend we took a lovely drive to our favorite organic farm.  Then we decided to check out Nojoqui Falls, which is up the same road as the farm.  Nojoqui Falls is a natural spring that drops nearly 100 feet over a sandstone wall.  The hike up there is easy and gorgeous.  Even if you’re not a hiker you can do it.  On the way home we pulled off the 101 and captured some amazing photos of the beautiful sunset.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Weekend Shenanigans

  This weekend has been extra special.  Husband was off of work on Saturday, which is pretty much unheard of, considering he is in the hospitality business.  So we decided to start our day out at our special little club that we belong to (someday I’ll reveal, just not today), then I had read in one of the local papers about a new juicery,  Juice Ranch, that had opened, so we decided to check it out.  Fresh pressed juice, with ingredients from Farmers Market.  Yes please!  We stopped by to find out that they were closed, but the darling girl inside was sweet enough to help us, and make  up a couple of green juices.  Let me tell you…best stuff in town regarding juices.  And, because of the great customer service, I will definitely be a repeat customer.  Then we decided to head up North on the 101 to an organic farm that we found months ago.  This place is so invigorating, the atmosphere is fresh, clean, and you feel like it’s your parents/grandparents farm.  The whole thing works on the honor system, you pick what you want and write the items down, just like the good ole days. PS, their carrots are the BEST!  Last but not least on our way back home we decided to stop in downtown Santa Barbara, in the Funk Zone.   This place is rad! The murals that are painted on the walls are always fun and whimsical.  Below are some of the ones we snapped.  My favorite, because I’m a huge Andy Warhol fan, was the one done by Artist, Cory Anglin, of Marilyn Monroe.  Also, if you ever get the chance to visit the area you must go and check out the Mermaid’s Chest.  This place is thrifting at its best.  We’ve bought many things from them.  Oh and I almost forgot…we saw an amazing sunset as we drove far up into the mountains for a night engagement that we had.

So that sums up the shenanigans.  We had so much fun!  I’m very grateful to have such a loving, fun and adventurous husband.

Thanks, husband.  I love you.