Sunday Ramblings

Hope everyone is enjoying a beautiful weekend.  I unfortunately came down with the creep and crud, and feel yucky.  I did manage to get out of the house, but mainly crawled back fast, to the couch.  The weather has been so strange as of late.  Friday started off beautiful, then went and got cold and rainy on us.  Saturday was windy and chilly but the sun was shinin’.  Today is gorgeous.

 I’ve been juicing a lot lately, in hopes of taking off a few pounds before Mexico.  Then I come across yummy treats like the picture below and want to cave.  So far I’m holding strong to no sweets.

Happy Sunday!

Sunday Bakeday

Remember Sunday funday? Well this is sorta the same thing, minus drinking.  Most of my girlfriends don’t drink, so we find other things fun to do.  This last Sunday I baked and had some girlfriends over to help, and eat cookies.  I actually ended up baking the cookies the night before, and then frosting them on Sunday.  They sure were yummy!  We sat around chatted and snacked.  I sure do love my girlfriends, they mean the world to me.  Thanks girls for being in my life.