Whimsical Wednesday

The other day we decided to head up north about 45 minutes and find the sun.  When you live on the coast, some days you get fogged in.  But if you go a little higher than sea level you can get above it.  And BOOM we found the sun, at 80 degrees.  We ventured up the 154 and made a bunch of stops along the way.  One of the most peaceful and serene places was Lake Cachuma. Lake Cachuma is surrounded by the Santa Ynez and San Rafael Mountains.  You can rent cabins or yurts, right on the lake.  AH-MAZING!

Our next step was Trattoria Grappolo.  Great Italian place, recommended by a friend and well worth the stop. Last place I expected to find a true Italian restaurant, but it was good and one the owners is actually from Italy.

Last stop was Los Olivos, to finally get my hands on one of Enjoy Cupcakes famous cupcakes.  Well….it was a no-go.  Finally reaching our destination and seeing her super sweet trailer (which you can see below), we found out they are only there Thursdays-Sundays. Boo.

What A great day, all with my best friend.

Happy Friday!

The last Of Mexico (I Promise)

This is the last of our Mexico pictures.  My parents are still down there, and I wish we were too.  What a wonderful break it was, in the midst of complete chaos.  Thanks to everyone who sent good vibes our way and PLEASE keep them coming.

Happy Monday!

More pics here, here, and here.

Back To The Grind

So sad our vacation is over…

Back to work we go.  It has been a bit chilly in Santa Barbara these last few days home.  Brrrr!

We had such a great time with the folks.  We could not ask for better parents, on both sides.  We laid out, read books, and ate some amazing meals.  Now, back to reality.

On a side note…please keep the mister and I in your prayers, as we are about to endeavor on a few new challenges.  We know God will have our backs, but a little extra prayer never hurts.


My First Days With My New Camera

I’m so in love, I don’t even know when to put it down.  Ha!  I have been completely enamored with my new little toy.  My new camera.  This is actually the first time I have sat down and went through every bit of reading material and watched the cds that were provided. (I usually just TRY to figure it out).  I’m a fast learner when it comes to something I love, so…I’m excited!  I also have a friend, who I’ve mentioned here, that is a good go-to girl, with all the knowledge about photography.

Here are some of my first photos. Thanks to my husband and friend, who were my first subjects.

*my cute husband.  I love you so*