Santa Barbara

We live in one of the most beautiful places and yes we do take advantage of it, most of the time.  The weather is usually between 60 and 70, and pretty much perfect.  My husband is a surfer and I like to catch rays.  If you’ve  never been to Santa Barbara, you really need to put it on your Bucket List.  There is so much to do; the beach, museums, parks (gorgeous parks), eat, shop, and lots of hiking.  Something for everyone.  Living here I definitely feel blessed.  Every once in a while I say that I miss the seasons, but considering it is 10 degrees in Omaha lately, I think I’m just fine with one season.

Below I posted some pictures of our favorite spot in Santa Barbara…the beach.

Happy Friday!  I hope everyone has a great weekend.





Boy & Beach

Me and the mister had a very impromptu the other day, and got to spend some quality time together at the beach.  We used to go to the beach every day after work, when we first started dating.  Then life started and we took the beach for granted.  Not that we don’t go to the beach but it always seems planned.  We decided we need to get back to our after work (mind you we are both done working at 2:30) beach time.
Happy Friday!!!