What We Do

 The husband and I love shopping for our produce and veggies at our local  farmer’s market.  In Santa Barbara we have them on Tuesday and Saturday.  It  really is the best place to get all of your fruits and veggies.  Everything is  grown locally and much of it is organic.  We try to eat fairly healthy in our  household, not that it always works that way, but we give it a good effort.  So go grab some local produce and chow down.
 And support your local farms!


A Super Cool Record Store

The other day we had a small mishap with our record player.  The mister broke the needle.  We called our local record store in town, and they assured us they could help.  My husband took the record player down to be fixed.  While there, he picked up a few goodies for me.  Isn’t he sweet.

Just to let locals know, Warbler Records and Goods, is a great place to buy new and used vinyl, cds, and numerous other music items.  All music is handpicked by the owner, Kurt, who is very helpful and knowledgeable about his product.  They are conveniently located at 131 E. De La Guerra street.  Stop by and check them out, you won’t be disappointed.  Below are some pictures of the shop.

Shop And Support Local Businesses.

*This is our record player that Warbler fixed, perfectly.*

 *This is not a sponsored post.  We support local.*

Santa Barbara

We live in one of the most beautiful places and yes we do take advantage of it, most of the time.  The weather is usually between 60 and 70, and pretty much perfect.  My husband is a surfer and I like to catch rays.  If you’ve  never been to Santa Barbara, you really need to put it on your Bucket List.  There is so much to do; the beach, museums, parks (gorgeous parks), eat, shop, and lots of hiking.  Something for everyone.  Living here I definitely feel blessed.  Every once in a while I say that I miss the seasons, but considering it is 10 degrees in Omaha lately, I think I’m just fine with one season.

Below I posted some pictures of our favorite spot in Santa Barbara…the beach.

Happy Friday!  I hope everyone has a great weekend.





Weekend Shenanigans

  This weekend has been extra special.  Husband was off of work on Saturday, which is pretty much unheard of, considering he is in the hospitality business.  So we decided to start our day out at our special little club that we belong to (someday I’ll reveal, just not today), then I had read in one of the local papers about a new juicery,  Juice Ranch, that had opened, so we decided to check it out.  Fresh pressed juice, with ingredients from Farmers Market.  Yes please!  We stopped by to find out that they were closed, but the darling girl inside was sweet enough to help us, and make  up a couple of green juices.  Let me tell you…best stuff in town regarding juices.  And, because of the great customer service, I will definitely be a repeat customer.  Then we decided to head up North on the 101 to an organic farm that we found months ago.  This place is so invigorating, the atmosphere is fresh, clean, and you feel like it’s your parents/grandparents farm.  The whole thing works on the honor system, you pick what you want and write the items down, just like the good ole days. PS, their carrots are the BEST!  Last but not least on our way back home we decided to stop in downtown Santa Barbara, in the Funk Zone.   This place is rad! The murals that are painted on the walls are always fun and whimsical.  Below are some of the ones we snapped.  My favorite, because I’m a huge Andy Warhol fan, was the one done by Artist, Cory Anglin, of Marilyn Monroe.  Also, if you ever get the chance to visit the area you must go and check out the Mermaid’s Chest.  This place is thrifting at its best.  We’ve bought many things from them.  Oh and I almost forgot…we saw an amazing sunset as we drove far up into the mountains for a night engagement that we had.

So that sums up the shenanigans.  We had so much fun!  I’m very grateful to have such a loving, fun and adventurous husband.

Thanks, husband.  I love you.










A Little Bit Of This, A Little Bit Of That…

1. Glass blown bottle, with my favorite essential oil, from this amazing place.

2. Homemade Cupcakes, with fun wrappers.

3. Java in my favorite cup, from my favorite place.

4. Sunrise in Santa Barbara.

5. Pies from our Friendsgiving dinner.

6. Some of us girls from our Friendsgiving dinner.

7. 1914 US Food Administration poster, that I long for.

Santa Barbara, In The Fall…

We have been praying for cool, Fall weather  around here.  I know it sounds silly, but it’s true.  Santa Barbara is usually  sunny and 70.  Although, lately it has been much warmer.  As some of you may  know, most of us do not have air-conditioning.  Santa Barbara usually has the  so-called “perfect weather”, but this year it’s been off.  My husband likes to  say it’s “global warming”, I say “it’s just hot, and I’m over it”.
I left  to go to Arizona for a few days for a girls trip and returned to what I say is  “the perfect weather”.  Cloudy, drizzly, and cool.  Nice!  Finally!
Today  while out and about I shot a few photos of Santa Barbara showing more signs of  Fall.
Thank God!
(My inner Midwestern girl is coming out, and I’m missing  my four seasons)

Food For The Skin

 I couldn’t pass up sharing about this wonderful product I was introduced to the
other day.  It’s a line of all natural beauty care, called Natura Culina.  The brain behind
this phenomenal product is Lenka Tinka.  She has developed products for the skin
that are all natural and made right here in Santa Barbara.
Lenka grew up in
the Czech Republic, outside of Carlsbad, one of Europe’s natural spa cities.
She was able to come to the United States and experience her passion.  I had the
pleasure of meeting her, and what a beauty she is.
Lenka gave me a
beautiful gift basket, to try some of her products, and I’m hooked.  The scents
alone attracted me.  Natura Culina has absolutely no parabens, sulfates,
artificial colors or synthetic emulsifiers.
You can go online to purchase
the products at naturaculina.com or if you’re in Santa Barbara,
1131 Coast Village Road
Montecito, CA
(805) 695-0625
Also, Natura
Culina is “giving back”.  Part of the proceeds go to American Cancer
I promise you that you will not be disappointed by these amazing
(Pictures courtesy of Natura Culina)

Organic Roadtrip

  Yesterday the husband and I decided to
go on a little adventure.  A friend of ours (thank you, Linda), had told us
about an organic farm, where you go and pick your own fruits and vegetables, and
just leave your money in the slot.  They work on an honor system.  So we set
We pulled in after driving up the 101 North for about 35 minutes and
it was amazing.  A huge barn with a classic peace sign was there to great us.
After taking a walk through, just to see what this place was about, we started
our pickin.  We left with so many bags and only spent $20.  And yes we were
honest.  I posted some pictures and got a bit carried away because I was having
such a great time.  I felt like I was back in Nebraska.  (Sometimes I really do
miss you, Nebraska).

Directions from Santa
Take the 101 North, to the “Nojoqui Park” sign, take that
turn off, which is Old Coast Hwy. (40 miles from SB)
2330 Old Coast
Gaviota, CA 93117
Owner is Helmut Klauer
If you keep driving on that road you will see a trail.  You can get out, hike
the trail and will end up a beautiful waterfall (Nojoqui waterfall), which is a
natural spring.

Old Spanish Days In Santa Barbara

 One of Santa Barbaras largest festivals, Fiesta Days, is here…

Come stroll through a colorful Spanish Market, El Mercado de la Guerra, and feast on Spanish and Mexican-American foods, shop for crafts and souvenirs, and enjoy live music all day and into the early evening.

Also, fun activities for children going on at Mackenzie park, at the corner of State and las Positas.  All events are free.

Friday and Saturday 11AM-11PM

Viva La Fiesta!

Movie Night

 Every Friday night in Santa Barbara they show a free movie in the Sunken Gardens, at the courthouse.  Last night they were showing War of the Worlds (the original).  We decided to pack up some snacks, blankets and grab a few friends and walk over.  One thing I love about SB is that there is always something to do.

What a fun night!!!